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I love Jordan Sullivan work.
Now I also love his studio!!
(Via Freude Von Freuden)

© Claire Cottrell
© Claire Cottrell
© Claire Cottrell
© Claire Cottrell
© Claire Cottrell

© Claire Cottrell


Ashley Helvey’s Seattle Home

Simplicity is the hardest thing. 
We love Ashley Helvey's home in Seattle.
Pics via Design Sponge.

“A lot of the imagery I’m inspired by online is just a piece of fabric or a cinderblock,” says Helvey, who is editorial creative director for Totokaelo, overseeing everything from photo shoots to social media. “They are really simple things that you could actually execute. Having a simple aesthetic is actually pretty tangible.” 
Interview via Sight Unseen. More here.

© Kyle Johnson
© Kyle Johnson
© Kyle Johnson
© Kyle Johnson
© Kyle Johnson
© Kyle Johnson
© Kyle Johnson



We just want to share with you a wonderful photo session with this beaty! 
We just want to do it again!

Queríamos compartir con vosotros esta sesión con la preciosa Helena. 
Estamos deseando repetir. 




A new year is coming, 
and these are some advices:

Un nuevo año llega 
y aquí os damos algunas recomendaciones: 

Enjoy the way on your tryp, maybe is going to be the best part.
Disfruta del camino, puede que sea la mejor parte.

It was it. Don't let it go.
Ese, era ese el momento que esperabas, no lo dejes pasar.

Go slower. Stay and watch.
No vayas tan deprisa, detente a observar.

Travel more. Look for new experiences.
Viaja más. Busca nuevas experiencias.

Talk more. And even better: listen.
Habla más. Y mucho mejor: escucha.

Meet the people. The old friends, the family, people around the corner. 
You will learn.
Acércate a la gente. Los viejos amigos, la familia, gente que te encuentras al doblar la esquina. Aprenderás.

Say bye to your comfort zone. You will not regret.
Di adiós a tu zona de confort. No te arrepentirás.

(All images via Pinterest, author unkown. Tell us if you know.)